Why is Metaverse Marketing Platform?

The attraction from Metaverse is the reason why many big firms have started executing a strategy that blends Marketing with virtual universe.
As more and more people open up to buy digital assets, this new form of ownership will govern how brands use Metaverse as a testing ground before they decide to develop and sell something. Understanding that, Area 53 offers a different universe Spaceverse - where any company can engage, presenting their products easily to customers through playing virtual reality games.
For brands wondering where to start and if Metaverse is right for them? Please join us.

Area53 NFT application for players' right to purchase:

  • Area53 Studio provides structures; in fact, these structures are referred to as game templates.
  • Brands register for embedded NFT cards
  • To get the NFT card needed to purchase the right to purchase brands in real life, users must engage in the building's game.
  • Players take part in the game and earn money by mining energy mines to earn the opportunity to purchase tickets to live in the Metaverse.

Build your NFT 3D:

  • Metaverse allows the importation of visual models into the game.
  • Users vote on the model (DAO) to determine whether they wish to participate in the universe (for example, a building)
  • Users set their own minimum bid price on the floor.
  • The volume of NFT3d will be transformed to the number of Quantum 53 customers who will be required to pay the network