🔹Five Space Elements

According to the story plot, Area53 is the intersection of five spatial dimensions, each of which has distinct physical and energetic qualities, collectively referred to as a Space Element. Space elements fight one another, provide energy, and always directly affect the rates of the player's spaceships and constructions. At the start of the game, players will choose their element system. Five space components symbolize the same-named spatial dimensions, each distinct color, including KIMICRONUS- MOCUSIUM- THORAGON - HORAGON- THURYSUS. These five aspects are inextricably linked.

Spaceships, defense constructions, reactors, and so forth will operate most efficiently when connected to a power source containing the same system. In comparison, the following devices can achieve just mediocre performance when connected to a different approach or even be deactivated entirely if the system's power supply outperforms them.

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