Earning Mechanism

Participate in casual games:

Play basic mode:

  • Earn for free - Phase 1

  • Acquire "Right to Purchase" NFT. The right to acquire NFT is used to acquire a unique spacecraft (can be customized). Quantium 53 tokens can be used to improve special ships.

  • Purchase spaceships, land, weapons, and other stuff with A53 and earn tokens through PvE.

  • Participate in PvP mode by using spaceships/land/weapons/items and earn A53 tokens for each PvP combat.

  • Purchase/Sell NFT purchasing rights on the Marketplace

  • Mining Ore of quantum 53 (Earn Quantium 53)

  • Quantium 53 can be used to create a player's NFT (personalization) or Update the NFT level => Marketplace sale

  • Earn vouchers by advertising with brands on Area53's Metaverse platform.

Farming (A53-BUSD pool):

Earn A53 Token

Staking A53:

Earn NFT right to purchase Items/Lands

Staking NFT:

Earn A53 Token


Trading token on Exchanges

Trading NFTs, Items, Lands on Marketplace

For AREA53 Revenue is generated through land sales:

  • NFT Spaceship for Sale

  • Offer NFT Items for Sale

  • On the marketplace, you can sell NFT weapons for a transaction tax fee

  • Sell improved structures (in the Metaverse)

  • For brand marketers, selling houses with minigames

Expenditure sources:

  • Pay rewards to users from the Play to earn fund

  • Pay reward from Staking fund

  • Acquisition of buildings (in the Metaverse)

For further brands - Metaverse and web3.0 app:

  • Using blockchain technology to ensure the transparency of voucher distribution

  • Increase the number of prospective fans/customers via in-game marketing.

  • Distribute vouchers to game players

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