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Tuan is the Founder and the CEO of Area53 Network. During his 12 years as a senior developer, Tuan worked for giant tech companies and also found multiple successful ventures. He is proficient in different programming languages and has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several startups. Tuan also worked in e-commerce for three years before making his initial foray into blockchain in 2017, and he has been fascinated with the technology ever since. In recent years, he had developed several centralized and decentralized exchanges for the Korean market. Tuan now has a thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency. Mesmerizing the Metaverse, he created Area53 with the goal for it to become the next big AAA project on the Binance Smart Chain. The CEO began his journey alone, but he recognized that great things in business are rarely accomplished by a single individual. He then formed a team that shares the same goals as him, to bring mass Metaverse adoption to the world. And Area53 became a reality.

The Founder and the CTO of Area53 Network Cuong has 10+ years of experience in Information Technology and is the Chief Executive Officer at Newsoft Viet Nam Technology. He has positioned himself as the expert in IoT (Internet-of-Things), Fintech technology, and Blockchain throughout the years. Cuong also won the 2008 WIP0 World Awards for Software Engineers and the 1st prize of Vifotech Vietnam 2008.

Being great friends with Mr. Tuan, Cuong agreed to create a virtual game that can shape the Metaverse industry in the future. With his experience and knowledge, he understands the importance of gaming to the adoption rate for crypto. As his goals aligned with Tuan's, they quickly recruited a team that could indeed compete in this growing market.

Our project manager, Tu, was one of the first founding members of Area 53. Tu is a Software Engineer and has over 10 years of experience in project management for different e-commerce, social networking, and game projects. He also helped build an artificial intelligence solution for an intelligent transportation system.

In this space, Tu has been developing blockchain solutions for 2+ years. He was the project manager for a centralized exchange and is now an expert in Web3 coding. Tu has a vision of a bright future for the Metaverse and Virtual Reality technology. He promises to bring Area 53 to the mass because he thinks that's the fastest way this vision can become a reality.

Tu majored in Information Technology in his college days, which led him to crypto early. Amazed with the power of decentralization, Tu first got into the market in early 2017. Since then, he knew that this was going to be his career. With a background in digital marketing, Tu started creating social channels to help educate people about crypto in 2019. He soon has gained huge followings on different social platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

Throughout his three years of work, Tu had been the Lead Community Manager and Partnership Manager for numerous startups in Defi, GameFi, and Metaverse. He met with the CEO, Mr. Tuan, through an exclusive crypto networking event and they quickly became good friends.

Now at Area 53, Tu is entrusted to lead the marketing department. With exceptional leadership and customer service skills, he has formed a trusted team of Community Managers that are hungry to take Area 53 to new heights.

Area 53's Tech Leader, Mr. Duong, is an experienced Software Engineer with more than seven years of experience. Duong started his journey by attending the prestigious Hanoi University, a college known for producing talented engineers in Information Technology. After receiving his Bachelor's degree, Duong founded his first business venture. Since then, he and his team have created several high-profile games and mobile apps, with one app even reaching over 10 million downloads.

Getting to know the Founder, Mr. Tuan, through mutual friends and having the chance to talk about the future of the Metaverse, Duong was excited when Area 53's name came up. He has always had the ambition to create a virtual game. It didn't take long for him to jump on board. At Area 53, Duong expects to help better the Metaverse Technology and bring the most satisfactory virtual gaming experience.

Before joining Area 53, Hieu worked as an independent game developer whose passion was to bring the clients' visions to life. Hieu started designing for games in early 2018 under a product prototyping team. Here, Hieu started learning UI/UX design and soon mastered the lean design process: research, design, test, and iterate. He then managed 5 more projects for a diverse client base, one of which achieved over 1 million downloads with 100K+ users.

Hieu is now proficient in UI, UX, and 3D Modeling. With such skillsets, Mr. Tuan invited him to join Area 53. Hieu is now one of the core members of the Game Design Department.

Tran, Khoi Huy - CGI Supervisor :

Khoi has over four years of experience working as a game designer specializing in 3D design. He was one of the core members of the founding team, even way before Area 53. As Khoi has already created a strong connection with our Founder, he's hungry to help Area 53 become successful. He has shown his skills in designing various NFT projects on the blockchain. Moving forward with our project, he will use what he has learned to perform and create the best game design a Virtual Metaverse game could have.

As a Chief Executive Officer at TEKNIX Technology Corporation, a company that focuses on Computer Systems Design, Tung understands how a technology business should operate. However, Tung believes his time as a Senior Operation Supervisor at one of the largest cinema chains in Vietnam, CGV, is what helped him become the person he is today. Throughout his time operating different businesses, designing numerous high-profile games, he's now efficient in both the financial and operational aspects required in successful game business.

At Area 53, Tung will take on the position of financial and game design advisor. He understands the importance of finance for any start-up and has a great eye for game designs. With our founders' trust, he's here to make sure Area 53's allocations are spot on, which assures the completion of our project's roadmap. Further than that, as a game design specialist, he will help create the best game experience for Area 53.

With over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, spanning 4 different business ventures, he's now bringing to Area 53 a broader aspect of game operation. Bao will use his expertise in trend analysis, investment planning, and risk assessment in guidance to put Area 53 in the fast lane of the industry. Bao joined the team later on as Area 53 was growing in size. He will take the position of an advisor for our game development and operation.

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