🚀System of spaceships

The spaceships system at Area53 is diversified in terms of indicators and types. A player may possess numerous spaceships, each of which will exhibit the characteristics of one of the five representative systems: KIMICRONUS - MOCUSIUM - THORAGON - HORAGON - THURYSUS. The Player can customize weaponry, engines, and armor to best suit the combat function. Ships will engage in combat with one another depending on the system they are carrying.

Each ship will be fueled by a reactor attached to resource mines, and the spacecraft will operate at peak efficiency only when powered by a compatible energy source. Otherwise, the ship will lose efficiency or be unable to function if connected to an energy source powered by a system that counters it..

For battles in which the opponent's ship counter our spaceships, participants must trade or purchase alternative ship types from the Marketplace.

There is still a chance for free-to-earn players to own a sample ship in phase 1, the PVE mini-game. By completing the mini-game and obtaining the NFT card, you get the right to purchase. Players can resell NFT tokens with the option to buy them on the NFT floor here.

However, keep in mind that the sample ship will have a finite amount of ammunition.

In Area53, there are two types of spaceships:

Standard spaceships:

This type of ship has low damage and health and does not require NFT purchase.

High-class spaceships:

his type of ship has a higher damage and health rating and requires an NFT card to purchase the right to own.

Spaceship Upgrade

The player's spaceship must be upgraded to increase its recapture and mining capabilities.

To obtain the NFT card necessary to purchase the right to purchase brands in real life, users must engage in the building's game.

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