🔹Dimensional Space

There are 2 space dimensions

Base Zone:

Base Zone is the player's starting point. The location of the most significant buildings and the player's primary assets. Players begin by experiencing and familiarizing themselves with the game's fundamental elements in the base zone, where they are safe from attack until they reach the wide world and face off against other players. New players will have the option of one of five default systems, after which they can begin expanding and developing their base until a specific limit is reached. When the limit is achieved, the protective system is disabled, and players can then contact, encounter, and fight real players as their level increases. Additionally, the player can expand the Base Zone by occupying other cosmic entities to claim new territory.

Space Zone:

Space Zone is an ample open space where players can interact with NPCs and other players. The player is free to roam around in the area, but the distance and speed of movement are limited by the amount of fuel and technological rank attained. Additionally, the player can assault other players and non-player characters (NPCs), explore, capture, exploit resource mines, and intercept and rob other players' resource trains.

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